Thursday, May 08, 2014

Transcendence - Movie

   Potentially a good science fiction idea with Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman. About the Singularity with the highly likely chance of development of a computer much more intelligent than we are and the not much less credible possibility that somebody will learn how to download their mind into it.

     Moral ambiguity exists at every level here, which is the difference between entertainment and art.

    The eco-terrorists start off portrayed as not nice people, which again is far more realistic than Hollywood normally does.

      In the middle it does introduce superstrong zombies and magic rearrangement of matter which is rather a shame.

      And ends with the good guy heroic, and the ecofascists destroying civilisation (and presumably 90% of the human race).

      A good try and evidence that genuine SF films can be made (rather than ever bigger special effects), and of the difficulty Hollywood has in doing so.

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