Saturday, July 30, 2011


  I was told I had been reviewed positively on Yelp and here it is. 
The name of this shop is so apt.
Listen: I'm a comic book fan. Worse, I'm a comic book fan that reads comic book message boards. I flaunt my knowledge on online forums. I am a geek. I probably know more about the history of the X Men than I do about the history of this country. It's ok, you can judge me.
If you, like me, are a geek, then you will know what to expect from most comic book shops. Even decent sized bookshops have their own graphic novel section these days and you'll almost always get the same kind of stuff.
A bunch of essential era Marvel trades, some tie ins to whatever movie is out that week, some Lone Wolf and Cub, Cerebus, Sandman, Ghost World, Watchmen etc. All of it great for sure, but very rarely anything surprising.
You don't get that in Futureshock.
For a start, this is not a place of organisation. This is a stash, a grab bag. Piles of books and comics and VHS tapes litter every available space in the tiny shop. There's barely enough room to open the door.
Lost without the classic alphabetical listings, you're forced to just start digging, see what you can find in this chaos of fantasy. Pile after pile of obscure, random titles. You pick up a tatty old sci fi paperback with a cover that's half Mills & Boon, half H R Geiger and think my god what is THIS?
I love that. You'd be hard pressed to find something specific here, but go in with a sense of adventure and you might be rewarded.
  OK thiat is the best of the five - not everybody is so appreciative of vast quantities of stock in a small shop making it difficult to turn round
A little scary? yes. Not sure if you go you'll actually make it out again? a wee bit. Pretty jumbled and slightly chaotic inside? most definitely. Worth a visit....
but still friendly. Both FP & A1 get fairly favourable reviews, though I, perhaps biased, think mine have the edge. They certainly have the edge in saying giving mine a bit of individuality and range of stock, both of which please me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review of Scotland's Amazing Comic Book Heroes

Not impressed.

The problem with TV is that those running it think they are important and the subjects of their programmes merely background. The reverse is true. A well produced TV programme's structure should be unobtrusive, letting the subjects speak for themselves.

  Last night's programme was the opposite. It essentially consisted of soundbites, few if as long as 10 seconds, strung together with comic book pictures, cut into the smallest possible sections so that it would look like something Roy Lichtenstein had copied. Strung together as much as it had any connecting links, by somebody wearing improbable Clarke Kent's specs to look as geeky as possible.They should just have done straight interviews with the various creators. In half an hour they could have done 4 five minute interviews/speeches in which each could have shared some real opinions about their art or the business.

  I have said elsewhere why television would be an ideal vehicle for serious formal political debates  but that this would reduce the ability of the on screen talent" to feel self-important and that is exactly what was wrong with this programme.

  Also you could see how eager the BBC were to portray comics as Bang Thud as per the Batman TV series.  I suspect the Batman TV series, Clark Kent's specs and Roy Lichtenstein is all many Beeboids know of comics. Throughout the panels they chose to magnify and show were very "comic booky". We have in Glasgow one of the world's best artists, Frank Quitely, not only extremely popular but admired technically by other artists who see his remarkable economy of line. If they wanted to show what contemporary comic books look like (well look like at their best) while enhancing the Scottish connection that was the purpose of the programme, they could have used something beautiful like this for their panel shotsJLA Earth 2 trade paperback

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Scotland's Amazing Comic Book Heroes

  This is on on Monday 11th BBC2, Scotland only.

  It looks well worth watching with interviews with Mark Millar, Grant Morrison , Alan grant etc, despite the BBC hiding it away at an unpopular time on an unpopular day on the unpopular channel.

US Paperback Releases

Basilisk - Thurman, Rob

 A national bestselling author continues the thrilling sci-fi adventure begun in "Chimera," in which two reunited brothers try to stop a madman from unleashing death incarnate upon the world. Original.

Germline - Series: Subterrene War - #1; Subterrene War Trilogy - #1 - McCarthy, T C
A new entry to the military sci-fi genre, this debut--the first in a series--by an experienced CIA analyst during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan reads like "The Hurt Locker" set 100 years in the future. Original. US SRP: 7.99 -

Imperial Glory - Series: Imperial Guard - #8 - Williams, Richard

Tired and broken by war, the men of the Brimlock Eleventh Imperial Guard are a force on the verge of collapse. They are presented with one final battle that will allow them the reward they all seek: to colonize the distant world of Vorr and live out the rest of their days in peace. Original. US SRP: 8.99

Mission of Honor - Series: Honor Harrington - #12; Honor Harrington Series Honor Harrington - #12
Weber, David

 The Star Kingdom of Manticore and the Republic of Haven have been enemies for Honor Harrington's entire life, and she has paid a price for the victories she's achieved in that conflict. And now the unstoppable juggernaut of the mighty Solarian League is on a collision course with Manticore. US SRP: 7.99 -

Omnitopia Dawn: Omnitopia #1
 Duane, Diane

Created by Dev Logan, Omnitopia is the most popular and successful massive multiplayer online game ever. But now as Dev is about to roll out a major new expansion to Omnitopia, there are people preparing to play a different game--one meant to bring the entire system crashing down. US SRP: 7.99 - (Discount: REG)

Out of the Dark  Weber, David

Annotation: In the stunning launch of a new military-science fiction series, bestselling author Weber tells the tale of humanity's near-extinction by hostile aliens and of the surprising alliance that fights back. US SRP: 7.99

 Outlanders #58 - Truth Engine - Axler, James

 Cerberus Redoubt, the rebel base of operations, has fallen under attack. The enemy is at the gates and Kane and the others are his prisoners. The stone god demands Kane lead his advancing armies as he retakes Earth in the ultimate act of revenge. Original. US SRP $7.99

Contributor(s): Vanner, Patrick A

Annotation: Captain Alexandra "Alex" McLaughlin is not a woman to be underestimated, but humanity is locked in a war of survival with the Xan-Sskarn, an alien race that refuses to acknowledge the rights of "weaker" creatures to live. Alex realizes the horrifying truth--humanity has a traitor, and it's somebody close. US SRP: 7.99

Reality 36: A Richards & Klein Novel

Contributor(s): Haley, Guy

Annotation: Richards, a Level 5 AI with a PI fetish, and his partner Klein, a decommissioned German military cyborg, are on the trail of a murderer in the realm of Reality 36, but the killer has hidden inside an artificial reality. Richards and Klein must stop him before he becomes a god. Original. US SRP: 7.99

The Recollection

Contributor(s): Powell, Gareth L

Annotation: In modern-day London, failed artist Ed Rico is secretly in love with his brother's wife, Alice. When his brother disappears on a London Underground escalator, Ed and Alice have to put aside their personal feelings in order to find him. Their quest reveals to them terrifying glimpses of alien worlds and the far future. Original. US SRP: 7.99
Theirs Not to Reason Why: A Soldier's Duty

Contributor(s): Johnson, Jean

Annotation: The national bestselling author of the Sons of Destiny series brings her wildly entertaining (Jayne Ann Krentz) imagination to science fiction in a brand-new series. Original. US SRP: 7.99
Star Trek: A Choice of Catastrophes

Series: Star Trek: The Original; Star Trek: The Original Series Star Trek: The Original

Contributor(s): Mollmann, Steve (Author); Schuster, Michael (Author)

Annotation: Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and the rest of the "Enterprise" crew from the original "Star Trek" series are back in this all-new adventure. Original. US SRP: 7.99

Star Trek: Cast No Shadow

Series: Star Trek; Star Trek Star Trek

Contributor(s): Swallow, James

Annotation: Swallow delivers an all-new novel based on "Star Trek: The Original Series"--a sequel to the hit film "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country." Original. US SRP: 7.99
Path of the Seer

Series: Eldar - #2

Contributor(s): Thorpe, Gav

Annotation: The ancient eldar are a mysterious race and each member devotes his life to a chosen path that will guide his actions and decide their fate. Thirianna abandons her simple existence to embark upon the mysterious Path of the Seer. She will tread a dark and dangerous road that leads her to the otherrealm of the warp. Original. US SRP: 8.99
Working Stiff: A Revivalist Novel

Contributor(s): Caine, Rachel

Annotation: Bryn Davis was killed after discovering her bosses were selling a drug designed to resurrect the dead. Now, revived by that same drug, she becomes an undead soldier in a corporate war to take down the very pharmaceutical company responsible for her new condition. Original. US SRP: 7.99
Battle of the Network Zombies

Contributor(s): Henry, Mark

Annotation: Irreverent and nasty, sexy and hilarious, this work treats readers to more outrageously campy urban fantasy courtesy of Amanda Feral, Seattle's most glamorous zombie. US SRP: 7.99
Black Night

Series: Black Wings - #2

Contributor(s): Henry, Christina

Annotation: Madeline Black is an Agent of death, meaning she escorts the souls of people who have died to the afterlife. Of course, not everyone is happy to see her. Original. US SRP: 7.99

Blood Sacrifice

Contributor(s): Lima, Maria

Annotation: "Blood Sacrifice" is the fifth book in Lima's critically acclaimed urban fantasy series. Original. US SRP: 7.99


Series: Novel of the Bloodlands - #1

Contributor(s): Green, Chris Marie (Author); Cody, Christine (Author)

Annotation: The author of the Vampire Babylon novels brings some new blood to the genre as she presents the first novel in a compelling post-apocalyptic trilogy. Original. US SRP: 7.99
Cold Magic

Series: Spiritwalker Trilogy - #1

Contributor(s): Elliott, Kate

Annotation: From one of the genre's finest writers comes a bold new epic fantasy in which science and magic are locked in a deadly struggle. It is the dawn of a new age, but when the Cold Mages come for Cat, new dangers lurk around every corner. US SRP: 7.99

The Crown of the Conqueror: The Crown of the Blood Volume II

Contributor(s): Thorpe, Gav

Annotation: Ullsaard has the throne. But when he is confronted with a truth too shocking to contemplate, he has to choose between power and honour
The Hardrumal Crisis: Dangerous Waters

Contributor(s): McKenna, Juliet E

Annotation: From the renowned author of "The Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution" and the Tales of Einarinn series comes the first book in a stunning new fantasy series. Original. US SRP: 7.99
Den of Thieves: The Ancient Blades Trilogy: Book One

Contributor(s): Chandler, David

Annotation: Enter a world of darkness and danger, honor and destiny in this debut series about thieves and cutpurses, intrigue, knights, and demons. Original. US SRP: 7.99
Devil's Business

Series: Black London - #NO. 4

Contributor(s): Kittredge, Caitlin

Annotation: Pete Caldecott did everything she could to save Jack from Hell. Still, Black London has not welcomed Jack back with open arms. So when a friend in Los Angeles asks for help tracking a sorcerous serial killer, Pete and Jack decide a change of scenery couldn't hurt. Original. US SRP: 7.99
Oath of Vigilance: Abyssal Plague, Book 2

Contributor(s): Wyatt, James

Annotation: Following "The Temple of Yellow Skulls," the heroes face the totality of the destructive and pestilent forces presented by the Abyssal Plague. The disease of the liquid crystal Voidharrow spreads throughout the land, transforming unsuspecting creatures into plague demons. Original. US SRP: 7.99

Eye of the Tempest - Series: Jane True - #4  Peeler, Nicole

Annotation: Peeler returns with the fourth installment in her hip urban fantasy series featuring half-selkie/half-human heroine, Jane True. Original. US SRP: 7.99
Farlander - Buchanan, Col

Annotation: Buchanan makes a stunning epic fantasy debut with this first novel in the Heart of the World series about an elite group of assassins in an empire born from a nihilistic urban cult. US SRP: 7.99
Heroes at Odds - Moore, Moira J

Shield Lee Mallorough and Source Shintaro Karish are steadfast in their commitment to protect Westsea no matter what. But before the heroes can discern why so many people are suddenly interested in gaining control of Westsea, Lee's family arrives with some startling news. Original. US SRP: 7.99

The Hour of Dust and Ashes - Gay, Kelly

Annotation: Gay returns with the third book in her Charlie Madigan urban fantasy series--the follow-up to "The Better Part of Darkness" and "The Darkest Edge of Dawn." Original. US SRP: 7.99

The Infinity Gate: Darkglass Mountain: Book Three - Douglass, Sara

Annotation: The stunning conclusion to the epic DarkGlass Mountain saga--a dramatic tale of love, magic, and betrayal set in the world of the bestselling Wayfarer Redemption series. US SRP: 7.99

Kill the Dead: A Sandman Slim Novel - Series: Sandman Slim; - Kadrey, Richard

Annotation: Kadrey returns with the high-octane follow-up to "Sandman Slim," which findsStark as bodyguard to Lucifer. US SRP: 7.99

Labyrinth: A Greywalker Novel - Richardson, Kat

Annotation: To find the ghost of her killer--and rescue her father--Harper Blaine will have to enter into the Grey. And with her growing powers pulling her deeper into that paranormal world, she's afraid she may not be able to come back out. US SRP: 7.99
Path of the Sun: A Novel of Dhulyn and Parno - Malan, Violette

Annotation: On their search for two missing Mercenary Brothers, Dhulyn Wolfshead and Parno Lionsmane must track a serial killer into the Path of the Sun--an ancient labyrinth from which few people return. US SRP: 7.99
Pay Me in Flesh - Bennett, Kelly (Author); Bennett, K (Author)

Annotation: Bennett delivers the first title in a frighteningly funny and deliciously gory thriller series introducing Mallory Caine, a lawyer . . . and a zombie. Original. US SRP: 6.99
Regicide - Royle, Nicholas

 British Fantasy Award winner Royle ("Counterparts, Antwerp") has written a powerful story set in a nightmarish otherworld of fathers and sons, hopes and dreams, love and death. Original. US SRP: 7.99

Jamieson, Trent

 Shale is in trouble--the creature-filled darkness known as the Roil is expanding, consuming the land, swallowing cities whole. Where once there were 12 metropolises, now only four remain. It's up to a drug addict, an old man, and a woman bent on revenge to save the world. Original. US SRP: 7.99

Shadowflame - Sylvan, Dianne
 It's been three months since musician Miranda Grey became a vampire and married David Solomon. But when a powerful force from David's past appears, Miranda begins to realize how little she really knows about her husband. Original. US SRP: 7.99

Adams, Cat

 From a "USA Today"-bestselling author comes the second book in a contemporaryurban fantasy that features the alluring half-vampire, Celia Graves. US SRP: 7.99

Stormlord's Exile -Series: Stormlord - #3 - Larke, Glenda

 Larke delivers the breathtaking conclusion to the adventure-filled Stormlord trilogy--the follow-up to "The Last Stormlord" and "Stormlord Rising." Original. US SRP: 7.99

Succubus on Top - Mead, Richelle

 In Richelle Meads follow-up to her deliciously witty, devilishly sexy debut, "Succubus Blues," Seattle-based succubus Georgina Kincaid is back--and this time, her life on the line. Kensington Books US SRP: 7.99

Nagash Immortal - Series: Time of Legends - #3 - Lee, Mike
Annotation: In the tunnels of Nagashizzar, a new threat to the realm of the undead is rising. Nagash must call upon all his reserves of power to defeat the skaven assault and continue his unholy reign. Original. US SRP: 8.99

Defenders of Ulthuan - McNeill, Graham
Annotation: The high elves have long been the protectors of the Warhammer World, and their homeland of Ulthuan is known for the powerful magic that surrounds it. When Ulthuan comes under attack, the high elves must hold firm or face disastrous consequences. Original. US SRP: 8.99
Sons of Ellyrion  - McNeill, Graham
Annotation: Ulthuan is a land at the verge of destruction. At Lothern, a fell army marches against the elven defenders of Prince Imrik and Prince Tyrion. In Averlorn, two brothers fight for forgiveness and their right to defend their people. But at Tor Elyr, the conflict will be lost and won. Original. US SRP: 8.99

Water to Burn -  Kerr, Katharine
Annotation: Secret agent Nola O'Grady is back and ready to save San Francisco from all evildoers, alien and otherwise. With the aid of her bodyguard and lover Ari Nathan, Nolan's new mission is to track down and apprehend the mysterious head of the now-dispersed Chaos cult. Original. US SRP: 7.99

Will Power -  Hartley, A J

 The continuing adventures of Will Hawthorne and his ethically dubious compatriots, wherein they are transported by forces beyond their control to a land none of them have ever seen before, and are forced to play a vital role in the developing goblin-human conflict. US SRP: 8.99