Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I have just finished reading this book.

I liked it a lot but you have to appreciate non-luddite politics to appreciate it. He has quite deliberately written a dissection of the whole global warming case with a bit of plot thrown in & I have to say the plot, trying to stop some eco-terrorists faking a series of environmental disasters to prove that global warming is happening, doesn't really work. Apart from anything else you don't need to fake disasters - the media will do it for you anyway (as per Penny Marshall's "accidental" faking of a concentration camp video in Bosnia.

Crichton should read Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey - this was the book that vindicated Richard III of killing the princes in the Tower. I now think that Richard probably did it but was persuaded at the time - it is clear the princes WERE known to be missing at the time, tho' even then Henry VII's behaviour is suspicious.

In any case she managed to keep almost any trace of plot out of the book by breaking the protagonist's leg thus forcing him to stick to detective work on paper & thus unfolding the whole pro-Richard case. Chrichton could have done something similar.

Nonetheless his case that global warming doesn't exist & in particular that records in cities which haven't grown in the last century have demonstrated little or zero warming & sometimes cooling in the last century is persuasive.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


This is to say that I now have a phone in the shop
FUTURESHOCK 0141 353 3975
& have net access here now. This means that I will be adding stuff on this site
fairly regularly.

I will also be able to let you know within a few minutes if something special you ordered comes.