Saturday, July 30, 2011


  I was told I had been reviewed positively on Yelp and here it is. 
The name of this shop is so apt.
Listen: I'm a comic book fan. Worse, I'm a comic book fan that reads comic book message boards. I flaunt my knowledge on online forums. I am a geek. I probably know more about the history of the X Men than I do about the history of this country. It's ok, you can judge me.
If you, like me, are a geek, then you will know what to expect from most comic book shops. Even decent sized bookshops have their own graphic novel section these days and you'll almost always get the same kind of stuff.
A bunch of essential era Marvel trades, some tie ins to whatever movie is out that week, some Lone Wolf and Cub, Cerebus, Sandman, Ghost World, Watchmen etc. All of it great for sure, but very rarely anything surprising.
You don't get that in Futureshock.
For a start, this is not a place of organisation. This is a stash, a grab bag. Piles of books and comics and VHS tapes litter every available space in the tiny shop. There's barely enough room to open the door.
Lost without the classic alphabetical listings, you're forced to just start digging, see what you can find in this chaos of fantasy. Pile after pile of obscure, random titles. You pick up a tatty old sci fi paperback with a cover that's half Mills & Boon, half H R Geiger and think my god what is THIS?
I love that. You'd be hard pressed to find something specific here, but go in with a sense of adventure and you might be rewarded.
  OK thiat is the best of the five - not everybody is so appreciative of vast quantities of stock in a small shop making it difficult to turn round
A little scary? yes. Not sure if you go you'll actually make it out again? a wee bit. Pretty jumbled and slightly chaotic inside? most definitely. Worth a visit....
but still friendly. Both FP & A1 get fairly favourable reviews, though I, perhaps biased, think mine have the edge. They certainly have the edge in saying giving mine a bit of individuality and range of stock, both of which please me.

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