Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Science Fiction

   I rather liked this article:

Science Fiction, at it's best, uses the meme of the future in order to shine a light on the present. SF has often been dismissed as a literary art form. However in many ways it is the truest to the ideals of literature of all genre's. SF has tackled controversial subjects years before conventional art forms were able to. In the 1960s Star Trek had a black woman, an Asian man, a Russian and an alien all in positions of power and authority — in the middle of the civil rights movement.

There's always been a strong individualist streak in SF which seems to be getting more pronounced as time goes by.

As more and more of our essential liberties are infringed, SF authors are increasingly showing us how it would be to live without strangling regulation and bureaucrats poking their nose into every aspect of our lives.

There are leftist SF authors too, of course, and they sometimes show a different path, but even then, many of them tend to have that same individualist streak.

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