Thursday, March 03, 2011

Latest US Import paperbacks

Adamantine Palace - Deas, Stephen
Bound in Blood - Hodgell, P. C.
Destiny - Steele, Allen M.
Critical Intelligence - Pendleton, Don
Crucial Intercept - Pendleton, Don
Dead Streets: A Matt Richter Novel - Waggoner, Tim
Dead Waters - Strout, Anton
Death's Sweet Embrace - O'Hara, Tracey
Desert Spear - Brett, Peter V.
Devil's Mark - Pendleton, Don
Directive 51 - Barnes, John
Distant Thunders - Anderson, Taylor
Dragon Keeper - Hobb, Robin
Etched in Bone - Phoenix, Adrian
Extraordinary Rendition - Pendleton, Don
Final Coup - Pendleton, Don
Flirt - Hamilton, Laurell K.
Forest Moon Rising - Frost, P. R.
Forgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt A - Salvatore, R. A.
Griffin's War - Taylor, K. J.
Infiltration - Pendleton, Don
License to Ensorcell - Kerr, Katharine
Moon Flower - Hogan, James P.
Moon Over Soho - Aaronovitch, Ben
Much Fall of Blood - Lackey, Mercedes
Oath of Fealty - Moon, Elizabeth
Point - Blackthorne, Thomas
Powder Burn - Pendleton, Don
Raw Fury - Pendleton, Don
Recovery Force - Pendleton, Don
Road Trip of the Living Dead - Henry, Mark
Rogue Oracle - Williams, Alayna
Savage Rule - Pendleton, Don
Secret of the Dragon - Weis, Margaret
Serpent's Storm - Benson, Amber
Shadow Prowler - Pehov, Alexey
Silent Sea - Cussler, Clive
Sooner Dead - Odom, Mel
Target Acquisition - Pendleton, Don
Unified Action - Pendleton, Don
Unseen - Caine, Rachel
Up Jim River - Flynn, Michael
Where Angels Fear to Tread - Sniegoski, Thomas E.

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